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520 Floating Bridge Recycled Into
Floating Public Spaces for Maritime Activities

This website was created to encourage municipalities to consider recycling the historic Evergreen Point (Hwy 520) floating bridge into floating public spaces that help connect people to the sea.

Substantial tax payer funds were spent to create this engineering marvel in 1963. The time has come to replace the floating bridge with a new and updated structure. However, the 33 massive pontoons that make up the 7,580ft structure are perfectly suitable for floating docks and breakwaters.

Numerous places around the Puget Sound could benefit by having low-cost public access to the sea. Communities with public waterfront spaces where people have access to boats gain substantial economic and intrinsic benefit through increased tourism, water transportation and community enjoyment.

Pontoons from the old Hood Canal and I-90 floating bridges are currently in use as breakwaters and docks from Puget Sound to Alaska. While the pontoons are no longer useful for carrying traffic, they are substantially structured for dock use with the ability to last many decades.

Learn Where the Recycled 520 Bridge Sections Could Be Used: