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Proposed Public Marina and Floating Promenade at Pioneer Square Waterfront

Recycled 520 Bridge Sections
To Become Cost Effective Breakwater at Historic Washington Street Landing

The Need

The City of Seattle needs better public access to the Puget Sound. The city was founded on maritime culture. Today, the Seattle waterfront is a formidable barrier to small craft activities. Other than the security controlled Bell Harbor (which is often packed with fancy private yachts), there is no place for the public to directly interact with the sea in a meaningful way. Viewing the seascape from elevated structures is not the same as being able to go out in the environment. The only way for people who are downtown to experience the sea is on large commercial vessels operating on stringent ferry routes and cruise schedules.

Policies that support minimal public access to Elliot Bay are relatively new. In past decades there were numerous opportunities for the public to personally interact with the sea on both the eastern and western shores of the bay.

The ideal place to create a public access point is at the foundation of the city's birthplace. The Pioneer Square area was once a bustling waterfront attraction.

The Opportunity

The Evergreen Point 520 floating bridge will be replaced soon with a new structure--leaving the state and tax payers to deal with dismantling and disposal of the old pontoons.

Utilizing sections of the 520 floating bridge to create an extension of the Pioneer Square waterfront is the ultimate recycling project for Seattle. Revitalizing the Pioneer Square district with a waterfront attraction will breathe new life into the heart of the city. The old bridge structure provides for a cost-effective solution for Mediterranean style public marina on the Seattle waterfront.

      Evergreen Point 520 Floating Bridge spanning Lake Washington.